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Not doing what it says

I bought this app to view log files. It shows option for filtering - showing just the lines with the matching terms. The part of the line without the term is highlighted while the part with the term is invisible. Clearly buggy! Useless for me as it is. Thrown away money

Remote logs doesn’t work.

This app cannot make any SSH connection. So the entire remote log feature doesn’t work, which is the only reason I even bought it. Don’t waste your time or money on this app. Also, the “recent files” doesn’t work, so I can’t even quickly get to the logs I’d like to see regularly. I have to “browse” every time. Just not worth it.

Full of Bugs

This app has great potentials but full of bugs. The “search” option never works correctly especially when the “wrap long lines” option is turned on. The app is not really compatibale with “High Sierra” with even more screen redraw bugs. The app hasn’t been updated since Feb 2017. It seems like the developer has already abandoned this app. Don’t buy this app.

Unusable for realtime log analysis

The message stutter by in a way that make is unreadable. Sometimes the lines do not even render correctly; displaying only the top or bottom half of the line. Also, it is terribly slow. When there are a moderate amount to messages coming in to a watched file the whole application becomes unresponsive. Just use tail -f

Remote log viewing is *the best*

It does what it does very well, the remote (ssh) log file viewing is priceless. There are a couple features I would like to see added: 1) ‘true’ filtering (in other words, I don’t want an empty line if it’s filtered out) 2) customizable regex parsing (parse into named columns)

A key tool in my toolbox

I frequently need to read log files that I do not have read permissions for. LogTail lets me ssh to localhost with an admin account and read those logs. This is a huge time saver!

Very slick!

I started using this application about a week ago, based on a recommendation from a colleague. It is terrific and customizable. I am a professional engineer and need to look at log files on a regular basis in order to troubleshoot issues. The tailing feature is of course terrific, but I really love the ability to create custom filters so that I can highlight particular lines for ease of finding particular types of events. I had a few feature requests, which I e-mailed to the developers. They were very quick to respond and seemed receptive to the feedback.

Very handy tool that can help during debugging

I recently started developing apps in my free time and was looking for something like this. The logs generated by my system were quite big, and I needed something that can filter specific lines generated by my app. Installed and worked well upon launch. Overall, the app is quite handy and can help during debugging. One improvement would be to show notifications or alerts when search terms occur in the log file. This will help when the app is in the background.


App looked nice, had great potential, but is a real bear with any log longer than a few MB. I have a 1.5 GB log on my local machine which takes minutes to load, and since it seems the buffer in the display lazy loads only part of log at a time (why the long time to open it then if this is so?) the app’s performance is virtually unusable.

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